Life in the Borderlands of Poland, 1921-1939

In her notebooks my grandmother never mentioned what life was like in Rzesniowka before the deportation to Siberia. Even though she sometimes mentioned Russia, Iran and Africa, my mother does not remember her ever mentioning the village she lived in until the age of nineteen. Thus the majority of the information I have is compiled from the oral testimonies and written correspondence from my great aunts, Lutka and Julia. Continue reading “Life in the Borderlands of Poland, 1921-1939”

Finding Home: Rześniówka & the Polish Settlement of Piłsudy

Finding Rześniówka, the original Ukrainian village my great grandfather Michał Oko moved his family to sometime after the birth of my grandmother in September 1921, was no easy feat. Continue reading “Finding Home: Rześniówka & the Polish Settlement of Piłsudy”