Life in the gulag, 1940 – 1941

Writing about Kasia’s time in Noshul has been a hard task. Every time I thought I had got the majority of the information needed for this post I would stumble upon more. But as I’ve said before, its never ending; there’s always another detail, another aspect, so while I’ll obviously continue researching this episode in Kasia’s life I’ll write what I’ve found out so far.

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From Gospodarka to Gulag: the journey from Rzesniowka to Noshul

“We arrive at Karnaczowka Station. There is shouting and crying. A mother is saying goodbye to her daughter. A son is bidding farewell to his parents and sister… how many people who are being exiled with us are innocent – only here because they had been visiting relatives or friends? And yet, they have to suffer too. We contemplate escaping but that would be of no use; the NKVD are standing, watching our every move like hawks…

They are putting us into cattle trucks now. Then they lock the doors on us and that is where we remain, all night and all day. The cattle truck is cold and dark but we wait patiently.”

– Excerpt from the writings of Kasia Oko, February 1940.

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