Life in the gulag, 1940 – 1941

Writing about Kasia’s time in Noshul has been a hard task. Every time I thought I had got the majority of the information needed for this post I would stumble upon more. But as I’ve said before, its never ending; there’s always another detail, another aspect, so while I’ll obviously continue researching this episode in Kasia’s life I’ll write what I’ve found out so far.

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The Journey of Never Seeing Home Again

Before I begin posting blog pieces chronicling Kasia’s deportation to Siberia and the aftermath, I thought I’d introduce what we call in our family “The Deportation Log”.

I received a photocopy of it from my great aunt Julia several years ago and it details the dates and places the Oko family were sent to during the years of displacement. Michał, my great grandfather, had the foresight to record every journey; when they left a place and when they arrived at another. And it’s through this piece of paper that I know where and when the Oko’s were and it proved invaluable when trying to piece together this portion of Kasia’s life.

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